Welcome to Haywards

In the UK, 16 jars of Haywards pickled onions are bought every minute! It’s no wonder Haywards is the nation’s favourite pickled vegetable, with around 5.6 million households buying our product every year.1

Our vision is to be the pickled vegetable of choice.

We pride ourselves on hand-selecting only the freshest vegetables to go into our pickles, expertly made in Britain since 1868 and using only the best pickling techniques.

Our Range

Haywards Mixed Pickle

Delicious chunky vegetable pieces in light vinegar.

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Haywards Piccalilli

Haywards Piccalilli - deliciously chunky vegetables in a tangy mustard sauce.

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Haywards Pickled Beetroot

Haywards Pickled Beetroot specially selected for its tenderness.

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Haywards Pickled Gherkins

Delicious whole gherkins in a dill flavoured vinegar.

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Haywards Pickled Onions

Haywards Traditional Onions specially selected for that classic pickled onion crunch.

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Haywards Red Cabbage

Crisp and crunchy red cabbage in light vinegar.

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