I can’t find Haywards traditional onions in the shops. Is it still available?

Unfortunately, Traditional Onions is not available, but we’d love you to try our Silverskin onions, which has a great taste and onion crunch.

I can’t find Haywards Piccalilli in the shops. Is it still available?

Unfortunately, Haywards Piccalilli is only available in convenience stores across the UK, with only the Medium & Tangy Haywards Piccalilli available.

Where can I buy Haywards products?

You’ll find them in all major supermarkets and corner shops, as well as many online sellers. We are so sorry we are not able to tell you which branch of a supermarket our products may be in as this is decided by the retailer.

Are your products gluten free?

Many of our products are Gluten free, but please check each product page to confirm this.

There is a problem with my Haywards product. What can I do about this?

We take product issues very seriously, please follow this link where we’ll be able to help with your query in our contact us page. 

I am unable to find Haywards products where I live, how can I purchase them?

Whilst Haywards is available in some countries, such as Australia and Canada via our export department, we are a UK stocked brand.

Can I recycle your packaging?

We are constantly checking our packaging to make sure we adhere to the latest packaging recyclability guidelines and actively look for the latest packaging options to make sure our products are as widely recyclable as possible, but please check each product’s labels for its individual recycling information.

Do I need to keep Haywards products in the fridge?

For all information on how to store each of our products please see the back label, which will guide you on how to store each of our products from point of purchase to opening the jar.

How long do Haywards products last for?

Please feel free to check the label on the back of each of our products, where you’ll find it’s product storage instructions, and on the cap of our products, where you’ll find the best before date of the product.